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The City of Coquitlam’s City Lands & Real Estate Division within the Finance, Lands and Police Department provides leadership on initiatives and projects related to City-owned development lands and real estate matters. This group is responsible for optimizing the City’s developable land assets through aspects such as, master development planning, servicing, rezoning, and subdivision.

As part of this mandate, in November 2021 the City Lands & Real Estate Division submitted a proposal to amend the City’s Official Community Plan as well as selectively rezone and subdivide a portion of the lands surrounding the future Burke Mountain Village. The approval of this application is still under consideration by Coquitlam City Council. This application includes:

  • Two proposed expanded public parks in the Partington Creek Neighbourhood.
  • The environmental protection of Baycrest Creek.
  • New housing options for the neighbourhood that will contribute to the population needed to support the Village and provide more housing choices for current and future residents.
  • New pedestrian pathways and boardwalk connections through Partington Creek.

The City is committed to building complete communities and, as benefit of the City’s land development activity on Burke Mountain, this has resulted in a variety of community amenity contributions, such as the funding of neighbourhood parks and trails, as well as the design and development of the North East Community Centre.

Other examples of community amenity contributions include funding for the design and construction of Sheffield Park, Riley Park, and the Burke Mountain Discovery Centre & IBEX Kitchen + Café.

Why amend the land use?A Complete Community VISION

The City’s plans for Burke Mountain Village have played an important role in informing the vision for the lands subject to this application while also addressing elements of housing choices, sustainability, urban design best practice, and community building. Compatible housing types, a variety of public amenities, and a comprehensive network of trails have been designed to interface with the future Village and provide an adequate population base to support the North East Community Centre, small businesses, shops and services along the future Princeton Avenue High Street.

The following Complete Community Guiding Principles underpin the proposed land use changes:

Designing a complete community requires a range of housing choices. Adding medium density apartments in strategic areas adjacent to Burke Mountain Village allows for a more diverse composition of housing options that will appeal to a broader range of families and individuals.

With the introduction of new housing types as part of this application, City Lands & Real Estate proposes the significant expansion of existing neighbourhood parks as outlined in the PCNP. As part of the proposal, dedicated park space is increasing from 1.8 acres to 4.6 acres – an increase of 155%.

The protection and enhancement of Baycrest Creek, establishing a Streamside Protection and Enhancement Area.

The City Lands & Real Estate division have also voluntarily committed to ensuring the continuous protection of a unique ecological area referred to as the Baycrest Creek Headwater Zone (1.65 acres) in a future development application. Comprised of over 50 trees, many exceeding 30-40 meters in height and some having a diameter greater than 100 meters, this headwater zone plays an important role in maintaining the flow and function of the Baycrest Creek system as well as the locally unique terrestrial ecosystem in Partington Creek.

Burke Mountain Village is slated for significant retail and recreation, including approximately 120,000 sq.ft. of retail and the 80,000 sq.ft. North East Community Centre. Having a critical mass of population within walking-distance of these amenities is one of the key elements to their success. As development of townhomes on Burke Mountain have had challenges maximizing their allowable density, this additional population will not only make up ground but also contribute to the diversity of the demographic base.

Urban design is a strong contributor to what makes a complete community. Strategically locating compatible, medium-density apartments along areas that interface with the Village allows for the gradual transition of residential density in Partington Creek from Single-Family to Townhousing, and Medium Density Apartments to the Village itself.

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