On January 20 2007, three design teams made up of landscape architects, architects, planners, local citizens, and students assembled at Leigh Elementary School in Northeast Coquitlam to illustrate what the commercial village centre in Northeast Coquitlam might look like. The three concepts were displayed at the Partington
Creek Village Neighbourhood Plan Public Open House on March 14 2007 at Leigh Elementary School in Northeast Coquitlam.


In July 2017, the development took its first significant step forward with changes to the Citywide Official Community Plan (CWOCP), and approvals of policies and guidelines for the development of the Burke Mountain Village site.

The City sought a Master Plan that would create a bold new mixed-use neighbourhood that was ecologically sustainable, economically viable, community-relevant, and a successful example of how a liveable, vibrant community can be created in a mountainside and environmentally sensitive setting.


In November 2018, the City engaged local residents to determine the brand identity for the future Partington Creek Neighbourhood Centre .  The feedback received was used to create an identity for the village, instill neighbourhood pride, and position the Village Centre as a great place to live, work, and play. Through this survey, the name “Burke Mountain Village” was chosen.


Road construction and servicing on Burke Mountain is ongoing with recent projects including Burke Village Promenade and Rocklin Street recently completed.

Six toddlers in a swimming pool


North East Community Centre, a major anchor for the Village, took its first major step in the planning, design, and public consultation in 2020.

Staff are working with an architecture firm to develop a stronger understanding of the opportunities for the proposed community centre site. A public open house will follow in 2021 with an opportunity to comment about the proposed community centre program concept. The consultation feedback, together with site and technical analysis and application of community planning best principles, will help inform the community centre program concept for Council’s consideration that is anticipated to be presented to Council in 2021. Design, permits and construction will follow, and the Centre is targeted to open in 2026.


The Discovery Centre and coffee shop are currently under construction at the southeast corner of David Avenue and Princeton Avenue. This building will act as the “gateway” into the future Burke Mountain Village and will be a central gathering space for current and future residents, developers, and others, to learn about the Village and enjoy a coffee in the mountain’s first-ever café.

The Café Space is available for lease through a public request for proposals (RFP) process. You can access and download a copy of RFP 20-07-03, detailing the process for submitting a proposal along with detailed property information at the following link:

RFP 21-043