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Urban living atBurke Mountain Village

Reach the Peak of Natural Living while enjoying the benefits of urban living at Burke Mountain Village. Your backyard will be an outdoor playground with a variety of trails and parks while your front yard will be an exciting urban village offering a distinctive shopping and recreation experience.

A diverse range of residential housing options will allow you to age-in-place—from townhouses to mid- and high-rise apartments—while living in the heart of it all. In no time, you’ll create community bonds, conversing with merchants in shops and services thoughtfully planned along Princeton Avenue.

The Community Centre, parks and public plaza will be accessible via the Village Greenway and trail network to enrich your movement throughout the village. The City of Coquitlam is dedicated to its long-term vision for Burke Mountain and is actively developing its roadways, parks and services as part of the overall Master Plan.

Architecture & DesignMountainside Living With an Urban Feel

Burke Mountain Village will be a West Coast mountainside village for the 21st Century, incorporating contemporary uses of wood, stone and glass into its architecture alongside native landscaping and engaging hardscaping accented by finely-textured details.

Princeton AvenueUrban Core for all Your Shopping Needs

The commercial and retail heart of Burke Mountain Village will offer a curated shopping experience including: a grocery store, retail goods and services and a public plaza. Uniquely positioned on a terrace along the mountainside, the urban core is designed for an enjoyable and accessible pedestrian experience.

Village GreenwayUrban Scenic Corridor

As the primary north-south corridor of Burke Mountain Village, this engaging pathway and staircase will be your connection between the public plaza, the upper and lower mews, a future public park, and Fremont Park. Linger with friends, stroll home from dinner, take in a musical performance or people-watch while sipping beverages.

Six toddlers in a swimming pool
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Community CentreCulture, Recreation & Leisure Activities

Complementing the spectacular outdoor playground of Burke Mountain is a civic area incorporating the future Community Centre. This vital component of Burke Mountain and Burke Mountain Village will offer recreational, cultural, and leisure activities in a programmed environment. Find out more here.

Six toddlers in a swimming pool
Group of women practicing yoga outside

Pedestrian & Cyclist NetworkCohesive Connectivity

Pedestrians and cyclists will enjoy varied and robust choices to move about the village. From wide multi-use pathways with engaging designs and attractive streetscapes, to sloping pathways, stairs and ramps, the village is designed to animate and encourage movement and interaction.

Keep apprised of the rapidly growing changes to the Burke Mountain community and learn more about what’s happening with the constantly evolving plans.